Embodied Active Imagination and the Subtle Body

Feb. 9, 2024, 10 am to 4 pm, Bangalore, India

Embodied Active Imagination and the Subtle Body

Erica Lorentz, M.Ed., LPC, Diplomate Jungian Analyst (IAAP)

Active imagination requires a state of reverie, half-way between sleep and waking. – C.G. Jung

Friday, Feb. 9, 2024, 10 am to 4 pm
Location: Smart Studio, Ulsoor, Bangalore
Fee: INR 8000 + 18% GST
Register and Pay – PAY INR 9440

In this workshop, participants will explore embodied active imagination which involves a conscious dialogue with the wisdom of the unconscious. The Sufis called this realm of the imagination, the subtle body, and the inter-active field the Mundus Imaginalis. This dialogue is essential for our healing and transformation and was Jung’s preferred method for engaging with the unconscious.

Our guide for this process comes from the psyche itself which manifests symbolically in all art forms, our projections, the body, and dreams. You will begin to learn how to witness and facilitate this with clients without projections and interpretations. You will hear clinical examples of this method that will illustrate this creative force that guides us.

This workshop is open to therapists, practitioners, trainee therapists/practitioners/facilitators, artists and others who may be interested in the body-mind connection.

Body as Shadow: Re-membering the Body

Body as Shadow : Re-membering the Body
Date: 12th October, 2023
Time: 6-8 pm (8:30-10:30 am. EST) – Online

Join us for a 2-hour journey with Erica Lorentz to find the deepest way to retrieve our body and soul. This lecture will show how our embodied experience was sent into exile and why and what Jung had to say about this.
We can trace how this happened through neuro-science and history. Now the body is in our unconscious. It is our shadow. Jung states that we cannot have a soulful life without connection to our body and the feminine- they are inextricably linked. There is no separation between body/mind/soul/spirit. This was part of Jung’s quest and legacy to us. We will discuss how this has affected our modern culture and the deepest way we can retrieve our body and soul.

Contact us at 9886250449 or tangrams.bangalore@gmail.com

Workshop enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must complete the registration process and submit required fees to secure their spot.

Jung’s Shamanic Journey and The Red Book: Panel, Film, and Discussion

The Jung Association of Western Massachusetts presents

Jung’s Shamanic Journey and The Red Book: Panel, Film, and Discussion

WHEN: Friday, September 8, 2023, from 7:00-9:00pm EST (6:30pm for settling and tech questions)
WHERE: This program will be presented on Zoom ONLY
WHO: Penelope Tarasuk, Ed Tick, and Erica Lorentz

When Jung broke with Freud in 1910, a series of visions, dreams, and internal pressures from the unconscious obliged him to look for and follow his soul into the inner world. This “most difficult experiment,” (Jung) or shamanic journey, became his Rosetta Stone, spurring him on to develop his theories and therapeutic work. For this program, Ed, Erica, and Penelope will briefly speak about his journey, followed by the commentary of James Hillman on film. Audience discussion will give us time to share how Jung’s journey might affect our own lives.

Admission is $20 for Zoom (sliding scale payment option available).

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The Heroine’s Journey in Everyone: A workshop with Erica Lorentz

Zoom Presentation by the Jung Society of Washington (DC)

The Heroine’s Journey in Everyone:
A workshop with Erica Lorentz

Date: Saturday, April 1, 2023 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EDT
Location: Zoom, Eastern Time

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The hero is king ...
… in our individualistic culture. Campbell popularized it. We all may need to be the hero at some point in our lives. But what about the heroine in all of us? Like the feminine in general, the heroine has been relegated to the cultural shadow, and it’s time she made her appearance again in our culture and our lives.
To move forward and save our planet and our humanity, we must find a new way. The warrior archetype is one sided; patriarchal control is non-inclusive and destructive; greed and narcissism abound.

Borrowing from the Iroquois, the heroine’s journey gives us a new perspective on how to challenge power and create democracy. Ghandi accessed it and brought it to the world stage. Martin Luther King and the women’s movement harnessed it here in the US. The heroine teaches us how to confront negative patriarchy and weave a social fabric that includes and listens to all.

On a personal level, in order to become whole, we must find a healthy relationship to the feminine. The heroine’s journey shows us the path of initiation into the power of the Dark Feminine. This aspect must be redeemed to individuate, whether you are a man or woman. Indigenous cultures know this feminine way. It is an inner journey into the unconscious, as Jung illustrates in the Red Book. He followed his soul. In it is a different orientation to our body, our everyday life, and our relationships.
The heroine’s journey will be given voice in my presentation on the Heroine’s journey in men and women. We will speak of it through history, neuroscience, fairytale, and myth. Come and begin your heroine’s journey with us.