Active Imagination Workshop

Listening to our inner stories

Saturday, October 24, 2015 from10-4 pm
The Arts and Industry Building
221 Pine Street, #422
Florence, MA

Experience active imagination, Jung’s method of attending to the unconscious (as recorded in the Red Book). In active imagination, our conscious aware self invites a meaningful dialogue with some part of our unconscious psyche. This dialogue can take place through any expressive medium. In this workshop, we will each gently invite this dialogue using a non-structured exploration through movement, drawing, and writing. No experience is necessary. Curiosity and desire to attune to one’s inner world is all that is important. When we allow the unconscious to speak in this manner, our soul story can begin to be heard. Insight into our psychology naturally emerges without interpretation. When we share together, each participant’s experience will be treated with respect and not interpreted. Thus together we learn to honor our own and other’s unique personal and spiritual paths.

Cost: $45

Call to register:
 Erica Lorentz at 713-295-1966
or send email to: