Jung on Non-ordinary States and the Subtle Body

Jung Association of Western Massachusetts 
Erica Lorentz, M.Ed, LPC
Friday, December 2, 2022,
7-9 pm EST (6:30 pm for settling and tech questions)
Where: On Zoom – It’s easy to download and use.

When Jung was a child, he was already experiencing non-ordinary states and was deeply engaged in the archetypal world. It was his destiny to follow this phenomenon, study it, and bring it into the world of psychology. He borrowed the Sufi term subtle body to talk about non-ordinary states. This lecture will explore Jung’s experiences and ideas about this phenomenon. The Black Books were his original journals and from there, he transcribed his stories into the Red Book and painted many powerful symbolic paintings. Sonu Shamdasani, who published them both said that this journey was the Rosetta Stone that set the stage for his research and theories for the rest of his life.

Jung on Non-ordinary States and the Subtle Body – 12/2/22

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