Teaching – testimonials

Weaving rich imagery, engaging storytelling, and extensive research, an Erica Lorentz presentation is an engrossing and exhilarating experience. Her breadth of knowledge and experience, especially in regards to creativity and the arts, is astounding; her thought-provoking, soul-stirring lectures seed the soul and bear fruit for weeks and months and years thereafter. – Jason

I was intrigued by the theme of the feminine in Erica’s lecture and had the wish to better understand this mystery in both men and women. I was totally drawn into the presentation/the subject matter. The ideas were so rich, clear and expressed with such obvious love and understanding that I felt opened/touched. I felt a sense of loss– jolted when the 3 hours ended. – Roy

Erica is an engaging, enlightening, and multi-disciplinary presenter. Classes with her have enriched my understanding of Jung, Alchemy, the inner feminine, intuition, and Active Imagination. I have always enjoyed learning with Erica. – Judy

I have attended several lectures and workshops conducted by Erica. Each time has been a wonderful experience. She has an ability to set up comfortable environments for teaching difficult concepts. She allows students to explore and discuss while guiding them to an informed understanding. – Mark

Erica’s incredible knowledge provides a deep dive into the historical and mythological contours of the feminine in everyone in a way that is approachable and extremely applicable to our current times. It left me with a greater sense of intimacy with my feminine self and has inspired me to continue my own exploration of what it means to truly embody the empowered, yet gentle feminine soul in my day to day life. I would highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in unearthing this healing wisdom in their own lives. – Sarah

I thoroughly recommend any presentation by Erica Lorentz. She brings depth, clarity and wisdom to matters of the soul, body and spirit, leaving me with deeper meaning and renewed hope. – Tania

Erica brings to us her scholarship and experience in the vast field of Jung and embodied experience. She is artful, whether as analyst or teacher, in creating a container for people to tap into their own imagination and unconscious. Under her tutelage I am inspired to take the journey into the depths of my own psychological and spiritual Self. – Carol