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Enlightenment does not come imagining figures of light, but from making the darkness conscious.
C.G. Jung
The dream is a hidden little door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the soul,
opening into that cosmic night
which (is) psyche…
C.G. Jung (CW10, para. 304)
The body is merely the visibility of the soul, the psyche;
and the soul is the psychological experience of the body. So it is really one and the same thing.
C.G. Jung (CW10, p. 355)
Analysis - testimonials

My work with Erica helped me through my PTSD from a very chaotic, explosive, and neglectful childhood home. I was having experiences of high anxiety. I felt frantic -- not knowing how to soothe myself. My deep, gentle work with Erica allowed me to explore my dreams, symbolic images, and my body experiences, as a way to 'come back inside myself.' From this true place, I continue to find a gentle, strong, authentic voice -- my own.

- client


Erica is a true scholar and seasoned expert in the therapeutic environment, but what has been most meaningful to me, a middle-aged man who lives in his head—is her ability to help me tune into my body and to reveal and resolve emotional blocks.

- Gary
Teaching - testimonials

Weaving rich imagery, engaging storytelling, and extensive research, an Erica Lorentz presentation is an engrossing and exhilarating experience. Her breadth of knowledge and experience, especially in regards to creativity and the arts, is astounding; her thought-provoking, soul-stirring lectures seed the soul and bear fruit for weeks and months and years thereafter.

- Jason

I was intrigued by the theme of the feminine in Erica’s lecture and had the wish to better understand this mystery in both men and women. I was totally drawn into the presentation/the subject matter. The ideas were so rich, clear and expressed with such obvious love and understanding that I felt opened/touched. I felt a sense of loss-- jolted when the 3 hours ended.

- Roy




My Approach to Analysis
Every client that comes to me is unique. As a Jungian analyst, I am grateful to the unconscious for its guidance into each individual process. If we listen carefully to the present moment, our projections onto others, our undiscovered gifts, our inner child, our dreams, our somatic experience/sensory awareness, and synchronistic events, healing becomes clear. Whether we are guided to the inner child or to pay attention to our spiritual path, the inner teacher is present. My approach is to honor the unconscious as it appears through the client, myself, and the interactive field. home

About Me
I am a M.Ed., L.P.C., Jungian Analyst (IAAP) with over forty year of clinical experience. I do individual, couple, and group work. While I have a deep and varied clinical background, I am less interested in diagnosis and more interested in what a dream, emotional or physical symptom, and the inner imaginal realm are trying to express. Anxiety, depression, anger, compulsion, illness, PTSD, etc. are the body/psyche's way of drawing our awareness to where we need to grow. My training and personal experience with verbal and nonverbal/somatic processes enable me to access the dynamic flow between the conscious and unconscious. In this dialogue I search for the client's true nature. It is our truth that heals and sets us free. home

Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1963)
Carl Jung was one of the early pioneers in psychology who was interested in dreams as guidance, gaining psychological insight from a conscious dialogue with the personal and collective unconscious (Active Imagination), and the importance of the spiritual/archetypal realms of the psyche. Early in his career he chose to journey into his own unconscious as is chronicled in The Red Book (published 2009). His dark night of the soul taught him how to work with the inner world. "It all began then; the later details are only supplements and clarifications of the material… It was the prima materia for a lifetime's work."(Memories, Dreams, Reflections), Jung believed that transformation only occurs when there is an experience that connects body, mind, and soul.
He gave us concepts like shadow, persona, projection, Self, introvert/extravert, wholeness, persona, archetype, synchronicity, complex. home

Teacher, Lecturer, Workshop Facilitator and Supervisor
I have taught and supervised on the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels since the 1980s and am presently a training analyst with the Jung Institute of Boston where I was on the Training Board and served as Curruculum Coordinator. My goal as a lecturer, instructor and facilitator is to create a Socratic dialogue between the audience, myself, and the material being presented. I draw on clinical examples, film clips, art, and other materials to bring the material alive. For experiential workshops, I use active imagination, the dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious. In workshops and training I maintain a relational and protected container for the unconscious to speak through dreams or active imagination in movement, art, and writing, honoring the individual's story and process.
Examples of past presentations and course titles:
Jung, Spirituality, and the Body
Body as Shadow: Re-membering our Body
Heroine's Journey in Men and Women
An Introduction to Alchemical Symbolism
Healing through the Imaginal Realm
The Power of the Feminine Erotic Soul
Women's Dionysian Mysteries in Pompeii
Embodying the Analytic Process
Nonverbal Communication in the Interactive Space
Various aspect of the Collected Works, the Zarathustra Seminar, the Visions Seminar
Listening to our Inner Stories - Movement, art, writing
An Expressive Approach to Dreams

Client Sessions
I have an office in Amherst, Massachusetts and work online.
For appointments, fees (I do not take insurance but have a sliding scale), and other information please contact Erica. home


Erica Lorentz
713 295-1966



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